Thursday, August 13, 2009

We love sponsors.

To start this off, we do appreciate all of the sponsors of the race. We are looking for individuals willing to sponsor or volunteer the day of the race. If you are someone coming with a racer and would be willing to help out, please let me know by dropping me a line. Thank you in advance for your support and helping to make the Lost in the Woods a success!

Now on to more important business Port Townsend Brewing has Sponsored the race in the form of a keg of frosty cold ones. To help reduce waist, if you intend on partaking in a beverage please bring a Pint Glass.

On the same note of keeping things clean. The park rules state "Pack it in Pack it out" please keep this in mind when planning for the big day.

For those who might be driving from a far... Camping arrangements are under way for the night before but not finalized. Fingers crossed, this should be a good time for all.

Lots more to come. So stay tuned.


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